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Thank you for your interest in Crangasi.

Crangasi is a free WordPress theme which focuses on your great content. Taking that into consideration, it is safe to assume that the Crangasi theme works best for a personal blog.

Curious about what this theme can do for you? Well, let`s see some features.

- Theme options included in the Theme Customizer. More to be added soon.

- A color scheme based on six colors. Every post on the index is of a different color, so your blog always looks cool and colourful. For your convinience, all of this colors are changeable, so you can choose the ones you like in real time, using the core Theme Customizer.

- Integration with the icon set Font Awesome, so your site will look cool and modern.

- Integration with the FitVids plugin, so your videos are responsive.

- Social Icons. Read here about setting them up.

- Featured images.

- Responsive design, so you can be sure that your blog looks great on any device.

- Fixed-width sidebar.

- Logo uploader. Don`t want a logo? It`s OK, the theme falls back to your site title&description.

- Fully translatable.

Need to see more? Have a look at the live theme demo:

Live Demo      Download


34 thoughts on “Crangasi WordPress Theme

  1. Is there any way to have multiple images in a post instead of just the featured image? All of my posts with multiple images have the pictures stripped out.

    1. Hello,

      Images are not being stripped out, I just tested now.

      The problem is that the width and height of your images are being set to 1px. So they are not stripped out, they`re just small. :)
      Please check your settings at Settings > Media and see your settings for image sizes. Also check any plugins that handle images.

      Apart from the images, are you familiar with child themes? You should add some styling for the Disqus area. Let me know if you need help with this.

      1. Hi Vlad,

        Thanks for the response. When I check the setting of the image sizes, it still says my Medium sizes are 300×300 and Large sizes are 640×508, which I had them set to before using the theme. But still, all of my previous posts don’t have images.

        I don’t do much coding so I am not too familiar with styling for the Disqus area.

        1. Well, then I guess there is some conflict with a plugin you have installed.

          Anyway, I made a child theme for you which hopefully fixes the issue. Download it here. Upload it to your themes folder and activate it, just like any other theme. It also contains some styling for your Disqus comments (background color and some padding). Just be careful not to delete the original theme.

          Let me know if you need further support.

          1. Your child theme corrected almost all of the issues, except now I can’t seem to get the widget sidebar on posts. I have widgets in the sidebar, but it’s not coming up.

  2. I`m sorry, I don`t think I understand what you mean. I see your widgets on the index and on single posts. Maybe show me a link where you see the issue or make a screenshot.

  3. The sidebar issue was present before I gave you the child theme?

    You deactivated some plugins in the meantime? It seems the images look fine now without the help of the child theme. If so, try to switch back to the original theme. I can`t reproduce this issue so I can`t really figure it out.

    1. The sidebar was fine before the child theme, it was only after the child theme was activated that the sidebar disappeared. The images were missing even after I deactivated plugins, the child theme was what fixed the images.

  4. Please revert to the original theme, I`d like to check something out.

    Also, if you can make me a temporary account on your site I could check it out better. If you can, send it to flyfreemedia[at]

  5. Okay. When I revert back to the original theme, it is also missing the sidebar, although before it had been working. I sent you a username and password to that email.

  6. No point in giving me an account at a level that I can`t deactive plugins or switch themes :)

    Try to clear your cookies for the sidebar. I`ll continue to look into this issue.

  7. It seems that the first plugin I deactivated solved the image problem: Lazy Load Images.

    Is the sidebar showing after you cleared your cookies?

  8. Well, I still think that it`s a cache issue. It cannot be related to the theme, since no changes were actually made to the theme. Perhaps try to clear your cache for the entire day. Also, check it with another browser.

    I`m glad the plugin deactivation fixed the issue with the images, but I can`t help you with the sidebar because I see it just fine. I even checked it on my TV and I see the sidebar.

    You should delete my account now.

  9. I am wondering if this is a Google Chrome issue, because everything was fine when I checked on Internet Explorer but myself and my friend, using Chrome, don’t see the sidebar.

    Thanks for all your help by the way, I didn’t mean to bogart all your time with this issue.

  10. Well, I`m using Chrome and it works fine. Since no modifications were made to the theme since before, when you could see the sidebar, I really don`t know what it is.

    Maybe you could also try to revert to Twenty Fourteen and after that switch back to Crangasi.

  11. Hey Vlad,

    Very nice theme. I’m having a small issue I hope you can assist with. I have removed all the widgets from the sidebar, yet the widgets still appear. I would like to remove the sidebar entirely. What do you think?


  12. Hello,

    Love the theme. I have an issue where the icons (from I think fontawesome) are not showing up. I did deactivate almost every plugin and it is still not working. Thoughts on what I could be missing?


    1. Well, I see them on Chrome (see here), but now I see they are not showing up on Internet Explorer. What browser are you using?

      The fonts css is being loaded but for some reason it`s not being assigned properly. Since the theme demo works fine in IE, the issue has to be with one of your plugins, so please try to deactivate all of them and let me know how it turns out.

      If the above doesn`t work, I found a similar problem and the solution was to add some code to .htacces, though I`m pretty confident that it has something to do with a plugin.

  13. Hi,

    I love the theme and was wondering about the way featured images are displayed: Is there a way to change the hover effect so that the sites color does not wash over the featured image before a mouse hover?
    My site color is red, so it makes some featured images look harsh. Even changing it to a grey would be great. The zoom effect is very nice, as is the rest of the theme – well done!

  14. I should mention I’m quite ok with making manual changes in the css etc. but couldn’t find the featured image hover code. Any help at all would be appreciated.

  15. Hello,

    So, if I understand correctly, you want to remove the colors that blend with each featured image?

    If so, add this to your child theme (in the style.css):

    .post-number-0 .entry-thumb,
    .post-number-1 .entry-thumb,
    .post-number-2 .entry-thumb,
    .post-number-3 .entry-thumb,
    .post-number-4 .entry-thumb,
    .post-number-5 .entry-thumb {
    background-color: transparent;
    /*Add the part below only if you want to remove the image opacity completely - meaning: image looks exactly the same before/when hovering, only the zoom effect stays */
    .post-content .entry-thumb img {
    opacity: 1;

    Let me know if you manage to do it.

  16. Hi Vlad,

    Can you help me with two relatively simple issues in Crangasi? I’m sort of an advanced novice with html, so I’ve scoured the theme editor looking for the location of these issues… no luck.

    I need to change the font color of the tagline– it just disappears in the background. I’ve tried multiple background colors and seem to consistently have this problem. It looks like the color of the tagline is the same as the subtle border color around the white text of the title and main menu. I’d love to have both of those darker (the tagline and the border of the title, etc). Can you direct me to where that coding is embedded in the theme? Or some other way to fix this?

    Also, it’s driving me crazy that the default orientation of text is centered. I’m constantly having to change everything to orient to the right, and now user comments are centered and I don’t see a clear way to center them. Can I easily change the default text orientation for all of the pages, posts, and comments to the right?

    Thanks for considering helping. Other than these two little things, we’ve been really happy with Crangasi.

  17. Hello Courtney,

    I`m not sure why you say to tagline disappears in the background, I see it just fine. Anyway, you need to make a child theme for customizations (let me know if you don`t know how).

    Add this in the style.css file of the child theme:

    .site-title a {
       color: #fff;  /* Change this to whatever color you want */
       text-shadow: 0 0 1px #000;  /* This is the border you`re talking about, it`s actually a text shadow. It`s black at the moment, so it cannot get any darker than this, you could alter the pixel values to make it more proeminent */
    .site-description {
        color: #969696;   /* Change this to whatever color you want */

    I guess I should make an update and add more options for color customization.

    About the second part, there is no default center alignment, only for the site title, tagline and menu.
    The problem is that you use a plugin, probably the one for the slider, that wraps all of the content below the header in a center tag, thus centering all the text.

    As far as I know, center is not valid in HTML5, so it`s not really cool to use it.

    How to fix this:

    1. Change the slider – obvious :)
    2. If you really want to keep it, check its settings regarding centering, may you can disable it, otherwise use this code in your child style.css:

    center {
       text-align: left;
    .metaslider {
       margin: 0 auto;

    The above code will work, although it`s very unnatural.

    Let me know if you need further help.

  18. Thanks, Vlad.

    I’m exaggerating when I say the tagline disappears. “Washed out” is probably more accurate. It’s the one thing the client keeps asking me to change, it just isn’t prominent enough, the contrast is too subtle. I loved the other color customization, adding color customizations for the header fonts would be a great addition.

    I’ve never done a child theme, but I’ll give it a try to resolve this.

    I understand now with the slider forcing everything to the center. Now I remember that happening with another theme I’ve used, too.

    Thanks for your help.

  19. Hi there
    I would like to know if it’s possible to remove the lines – – either side of the page title on the home page, and also to have the title aligned to the left.

    Other than that I love the theme!

  20. Hello Karen,

    If you`re familiar with child themes, make one and put in the style.css the following code:

    .home .entry-header {
        float: none;
    .home .entry-title:before,
    .home .entry-title:after {
       content: "";
       margin: 0;

    If you`re not familiar with child themes, simply use a plugin like this one and place the above code in it.

    Let me know if there`s anything else you need help with.


    1. Hi Vlad

      Thank you SO MUCH. I installed the plugin you suggested and pasted the code into it and it works perfectly! I so appreciate your help.

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